Why I'm running

I witnessed the impact the 2010 budgetary cuts had on our District, it left our District a shell of its former self. I feel it's critical our staff feel valued and heard, part of a team once again. So I continue to work hard to cut non-essential spending in order to be able to adequately compensate staff, many of whom never recouped pay cuts from those dark days.  We lost top talent for years to surrounding districts because they paid more, earning us the reputation, "training district". 
So, that is where the focus needs to remain, because our students deserve stability, and staff retention plays a huge part in that.  

Public Education is extremely important to me. I know firsthand what it means to have a teacher that left a lifelong impression by being there for me when I needed their guidance & compassion most. I know there are public school teachers just like mine in our District (and every District) who are making the same lifelong impact on their students when they need it most.

There has been an unrelenting attack on public schools and educators for quite some time, and I feel it’s important to do what I can to fight for Public Education. I want to do my part to bring respect back to the incredibly important teaching profession which is comprised of individuals who care deeply and are impacting the lives of our students every day!
It's time we highlight the good things that are happening in our Public schools every day, and celebrate our achievements, because we have plenty of them to share with the community! 

As a current board member I am honored every day to have this awesome responsibility of improving the quality of public education for children of all ages, incomes and backgrounds in my community!
Every idea I bring forward, and every vote I cast as a board member is taking our students, staff, community & taxpayer's best interests into account, always.

I’m running again because the work isn't done, we're making great strides, but we need to keep moving the district forward.  
My job isn't done!